Employing a Solicitor, hints and tips

You may be going through a potentially expensive Divorce or entering into an important contract. You may be being sued for a great deal of money or you may be considering expanding your business overseas. You may have been charged with a Criminal offence, and be facing a prison sentence. You need the best advice, how can you be sure that you are getting it?

Instructing a Solicitor ...The Options
(1) Use the solicitor you have used before: He may have dealt with the conveyancing when you bought your house, or have drafted your Will. He may be quite happy to take your case on himself or he may refer you to another partner in the firm. You must feel confident that he or his partner will have sufficient experience in your type of case to give you the best advice.

(2) Refer to a directory of solicitors: You may look in yellow pages or on the Internet, and you will be able to go through a list of solicitors in your area who specialise in the area of Law you are concerned with. You will then have to decide from the many specialists available which one is the best for you. Can you be sure that you have made a good choice?

(3) Act on recommendations from friends, colleagues or business acquaintances: A recommendation from somebody can be very reassuring, and it may well be a good recommendation, but how can you be sure?

(4) Asking at the Citizens Advice Bureau: They will only be given a list of solicitors, as Citizens advice Bureaux are not allowed to recommend specific solicitors. How can you be sure that you have made the best choice?

With over twenty five years of experience, if you are looking for solicitors in Staffordshire, visit the website of Cooks Solicitors in Staffordshire, with legal services including coveyancing, probate, wills, employment law, divorce and civil litigation.

If you are based in London and looking for legal advice, whether it is for yourself, your family or your business, we recommend trying HBS Solicitors, London . HBS were established in 1996 and have grown to over 50 staff since then. Based in central London and the City of London, Rollingsons treat their clients with respect and courtesy. Their services include personal inury, family law, employment law, conveyancing, tax and estate planning, corporate and commercial law, intellectual property and information technology law, litigation and dispute resolution and credit hire. They are experienced, efficient and cost effective and offer a free telephone consultation.

It is a well known fact that a large number of people die each year without having made out a will. These then tends to leave a lot of emotional heartache, legal wrangling and grief for those who are left behind. Many people are put off making a will by having to go to a large solicitors and feel daunted just by the offices and the formal nature of the appointment. Many don't want to think about their own death either, so just ignore it. It is therefore important for will writing to be as easy, stress free and as comfortable as possible. We recommend using a company like Ashton Grace as they are consultants who will come and visit you in your home if you prefer, and are friendly and professional, and focused purely on will writing and estate planning, rather than like most solicitors for whom will writing is a small part of their business.

When instructing a solicitor it is essential, particularly where there is a complicated matter, or dispute, to employ a solicitor experienced in every aspect of his field, otherwise you may not get the best advice. This could put you at a distinct disadvantage. Not all solicitors have the same ability or experience.

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